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1st Birthday Party Ideas

Girls 1st Birthday Party IdeasReaching the grand old age of 1 is something of a milestone. It’s your child’s very 1st birthday, the first chapter in a tradition that will, in years to come, bring with it excitement and wonder, creating special family memories you’ll cherish as your children grow older. While this celebration won’t mean much to your little one, it does hold significance for other family members – and of course Mum and Dad – so why not do something small but special to mark your baby’s first year?  In years to come birthdays will be big, extravagant affairs, filled with noise, laughter and the inevitable tears, but in the early years a children’s parties can be a simple, low-key affair, with just a handful of special guests…so why not enjoy calm, stress-free parties while you can!

Boys 1st Birthday Party IdeasThat said, if you love nothing more than planning an event and all that that involves – baking, making and decorating – feel free to indulge your creative side and make your gathering a little bit special. Of course, parents of young children don’t usually have lots of free time on their hands for this sort of thing, so it’s a good idea to have some short cuts up your sleeve so the planning doesn’t get in the way of enjoyment. If you’ve been looking for 1st birthday party ideas for a while and haven’t found what you’re looking for you might like to start by taking a look at our Little Owls range, created specifically with birthdays, baby showers and christenings in mind. Bright, whimsical and available in both blue and pink options, it includes all the essentials such as tableware and decorative items that provide a fuss-free way to style your gathering without the stress. Featuring a zingy colour palette and a cute owl design, the range is cute without being cutesy; retro without being old-fashioned. We love it and we think you will too!

We advocate keeping catering simple with a low-key buffet spread featuring the usual 1st Birthday Party Tableware Ideascrowd-pleasers. Stock up on Little Owls paper plates, cups and treat tubs so you can minimise washing up afterwards, and accessorise your table with some co-ordinating confetti and a Little Owls cake stand laden with either sweet treats or dainty sandwiches. If you prefer, you could dispense with savouries entirely and stick with sweet afternoon tea treats, which works particularly well if you have a summer baby. A spread of fresh scones, cream and jam, served with a pot of Earl Grey and a glass of fizz makes a simple but lovely spread, perfect for celebrations in the garden. If you’re planning on taking your celebration outside all you need is some co-ordinating bunting strung around tables or in trees to perk up your outdoor space.

1st Birthday Party Cake IdeasWhether you’re inside or out, and you love an excuse to do a bit of interior styling, creating a Pinterest board is a good way to gather all your 1st birthday party ideas together.  It’s a treasure trove of inspiration if you’re a natural crafter who loves nothing more than a new project to get stuck into. A quick browse reveals all sorts of imaginative ideas, from show-stopping cakes to fun activities for your guests to enjoy. Here are just some of the things we spotted:

  • Create a number 1 shaped photo montage of your baby to decorate your home
  • Leave out notes for your guests to write messages for your child on, to create a ‘time capsule’ your little one can open when they turn 18
  • Ensure your baby gets the star treatment on their special day by decorating the edge of their high chair with bunting

When it comes to entertainment, less is more – there’s no need to provide anything more 1st Birthday Party Game Ideasthan a rug spread with a few toys for very young children. If you’d like to do something a bit different, you could clear a bit of space and place a paddling pool in the corner, filled with balls for a DIY pool ball. Or how about creating a simple ‘home corner’, with a min kitchen and a variety of wooden spoons and plastic pots and pans? Adults and older children, meanwhile, can try their luck with a Little Owls Scratch & Match card – three matching owls wins a prize!

If you’ll have other little ones at your gathering it’s a nice gesture to introduce them to the party bag tradition – older children in particular 1st Birthday Party Decoration Ideaswill love receiving a little something to take home with them. You don’t need to spend lots of money on their contents – a slice of cake and a bag of child-friendly biscuits (take a look at the Goodies range for ‘sweet treats’ suitable for young children) is enough, as traditional toys tend to be unsuitable for children under 3. Tie a balloon (the Little Owl range features co-ordinating balloons for boys and girls) to each bag and you have the perfect takeaway gift to offer your young guests.

If you’d like to see the full Little Owl range, visit our website at

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