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Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ivites IdeasIf you’ll be welcoming a new arrival in 2015 you might be wondering about having a baby shower. In between all the other frantic preparations for the big day, it might seem a bit daunting to consider a party on top off all the other things you need to do on what can seem a never ending checklist! But the good news is it’s one of the few times you can ask someone else to do all – or at least a big chunk of – the preparations. Traditionally these parties aren’t organised by the mum-to-be but by a close friend or family member. Which is good news if heaving your pregnant tummy around is using up all your energy right now! That’s not to say you can’t get involved in the preparations, but it does mean you can leave the practicalities to someone else while you focus on the less labour intensive stuff! It’s worth bearing in mind that these parties are often organised as a surprise for the mum-to-be, so if you are thinking of having a gathering, you might want to check with your close friends and family that they haven’t already got something up their sleeves.

Baby Shower Balloon IdeasOnce you’ve set the date and sent out the invites, you can spend some time having fun sourcing shower ideas – there’s a wealth of inspiration out there, including pregnancy blogs and parenting websites. Start by thinking about themes and colours – if you’re not finding out your baby’s sex you’ll want to choose a neutral scheme, though you can wholeheartedly embrace the pink or blue look if you do know what’s going to pop out on your due date!

If you’re looking for something non gender-specific, which will also remind your guests of their own childhoods, the Baby Miffy range makes a perfect choice. Based on Dick Bruna’s distinctive bunny rabbit, this collection is a modern update on a true heritage brand and features lovely pieces for your party table, from Baby Shower Ideaspretty paper plates and treat tubs to Miffy-shaped confetti which looks gorgeous scattered amongst your sandwiches and cakes.  Add some fun to champagne flutes with Miffy glass cards and toast the health of your new arrival in style (look out for low alcohol fizz in your local supermarket, or make up some pitchers of ‘Bellini’ using peach nectar and sparkling cider for something a bit different.) The Miffy range also includes lovely accessories you can use to dress your room without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat. There’s beautiful scallop-edged bunting, in delicate shades of blue and lemon, for example, and white balloons illustrated with bold pictures of the adorable bunny.

Baby Shower Game IdeasIf you’re looking for ideas that add some interactive fun to your day you could add some Miffy scratch cards to your party table and offer a prize for the winning combination. Perhaps you’ve got younger guests coming along to your gathering, too. Keep them entertained with a Miffy bubble pot or some simple cake decorating – set up a small area where little ones can ice a cupcake, decorate it with sprinkles and then finish their cake off with a Miffy cake pick.

Other game ideas for a more adult-orientated shower include guessing games– you could either ask your guests to bring in a photo of themselves and get everyone to try and guess who’s who or search online for celebrity pics. Another fun activity we’ve found online is to buy a batch of plain white babygro’s and let your guests show off their creative sides using fabric pens to create a unique design for your little one to wear.

Our other new arrivals range, Tiny Feet, offers something more traditional, and features Baby Shower Party Bag Ideascute motifs in shades of pink and blue, perfect for keeping them guessing even if you do know the gender. To thank everyone for their input into your special day, it’s nice to give your guests a little something to take home with them, and the Tiny Feet range features some pretty paper party bags, perfect for filling with a small token of your gratitude. You don’t need to splash out on expensive gifts for everyone, but some sweet treats and a small gift – a friendship bracelet or charm, perhaps, or a pretty notebook – makes a thoughtful gesture. Add in some co-ordinating Tiny Feet rock sweets, too.

Create a lasting record of your special day by making sure your guests write their messages or share their parenting tips in a guest book, a simple way to create a beautiful keepsake of your event. You could intersperse messages with photos from the occasion, too.

Baby Shower Guest book ideas

Baby Shower Book Ideas

Don’t forget to send a thank you note after the event, too – there are some adorable cards in the Miffy range or you could make your own by scanning a group photo onto paper and personalising your message.

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