Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding favour ideasIf you’re looking for wedding ideas we’ve some stunning ranges that evoke the special atmosphere of the colder months, a time when the natural world is at its most enchanting and the approaching Christmas festivities make the season feel extra special. It’s a truly magical time of the year and a wonderful period to celebrate your nuptials so if you’re struggling to decide on a date for your big day, we’d encourage you to consider the months later in the year. Certainly summer may provide more venue options – getting married on a beach or having a marquee in the garden isn’t really viable due to the unpredictable weather of the UK! – but if you’re opting for a chic city-based, or a stately venue in the countryside, both options look wonderful against a backdrop of crisp white snow or dappled by pale winter sun.

A major pro of getting married during the colder months is that the cost is likely to be less, with venue hire and other suppliers generally charging less than they do in the summer. Another benefit is the availability of your guests who are less likely to have booked a holiday during the colder months, plus you may find the availability of venues is better too, meaning there’s more chance of securing a date at your dream location.  Add in the fact that winter weddings perhaps stand out a little more than an event held in the summer (it’s a less busy time for so your special day will be remembered as being a bit different) and there’s a lot to commend holding your celebration at this time of year.

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New Wedding Inspiration

 Vintage Romance Place Card on glassHave you been spending your summer attending weddings and getting inspiration for your own big day? Summer remains the most popular time of the year to get hitched so it’s not unusual – particularly if you’re in your early thirties – to find your calendar filled with wedding dates over the summer period. If your own wedding isn’t until next year, attending all those weddings is a useful way to pick up some tips and get a feel for what’s big on the wedding circuit at the moment. Of course, weddings are hugely personal things and everyone has their own unique style, but seeing the themes and ideas your friends have integrated into their celebrations  is useful for your research.

The web and all the big bridal magazines are also obvious places to pick up news on the WEBL-671314-Just-My-Type-Straw-Flagslatest wedding trends and you might like to think about visiting a wedding show, a great way to see what’s new in the world of weddings and get expert advice on everything from bridal fashion to food. There are shows and fairs of all sizes that take place across the UK throughout the year – take a look online to see what’s happening where you live. A highlight event is the National Wedding Show where you can buy, try, and book everything for your special day and browse the stalls of over 300 wedding specialists. Even if you don’t commit to anything on the day, attending a show like this is a great way to gather ideas and find out about the hottest trends. Then, create a mood board on Pinterest to keep all those ideas in one place so you have an easy-to-access, visual reference when it comes to finalising the look and feel of your big day.

WEBL-596461-Vintage-Romance-Guest-BookOne trend that looks set to remain popular is the vintage theme – it seems we just won’t tire of weddings with a nostalgic nod to a bygone era and love the pretty, romantic ambience that a vintage wedding creates. As this style has become more popular couples have been coming up with ever more imaginative ways to add their own unusual touches, from sourcing original antique pieces such as vintage crockery and furniture to customising original 1920s dresses for a real sense of authenticity. We have several ranges that tap into the vintage theme and make a lovely addition to your vintage-themed wedding, including the Just My Type collection, a simple but sophisticated range that combines utilitarian-style brown paper with retro-style lettering. The range looks great mixed in with vintage-style florals, delicate china crockery and jam-jar flower arrangements. It also includes cute little extras that make your theme really stand out, such as candy-stripe paper straws (add to jam-jar glasses of retro-style cocktails or traditional old-fashioned lemonade), pretty bunting and old-school paper sweetie bags, perfect for filling with traditional sweets as a parting gift for your guests.

If you’re a bit more of an alternative, contemporary couple and are worried you won’t find WEBL-670850-Elegant-Butterfly-PlainTag-Ivory-Goldanything to cater to your pared-back, unfussy style, don’t worry. There are lots of ‘boutique’, specialist suppliers that can help you create your perfect wedding if you’re not the ‘typical’ bride and groom. Start by browsing (the name says it all!), a website that caters to brides with ‘killer style, crazy love’.  This site shows it is possible to do your wedding your way, no matter how distinct your personal look is. Check out sites like J Crew, Browns Bride and Stone Fox Bride for dresses that are a world away from fussy, ‘meringue’ creations. Even if they’re beyond your budget, you can use these sites to get ideas and then look into finding a local dressmaker who can run up something similar for you.

WEBL-597956-CB-C&G-cake-boxThe clean, unfussy look is set be popular in 2015, so if this is a style you love you’ll be bang on trend.  We have two ranges – Chick Boutique and Contemporary Heart – that echo this theme and look chic against a simple backdrop of unfussy colours and decorations. Both collections have a distinct look but with their classic design and chic colour palette they help to provide a sophisticated, cohesive look to your room décor. Add some unexpected details – a laser-cut, heart-shaped glass place card, for example, or a scattering of silver and white heart confetti – to ensure your décor is chic rather than boring.

There’s a wealth of inspiration out there, whichever hot trend or personal touch you want to include in your special day. So have fun browsing the net and be sure to take notes as you do the wedding circuit this season!

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Baby’s First Birthday

WEBL-599448-Baby-Miffy-glass-dec-10-CRIs your little one celebrating their first birthday this summer? Turning one is a special milestone – so much happens in that first year of life that it’s nice to take a breath and celebrate your journey through 12 months that are like no other! While your baby will no doubt be non-plussed by all the excitement, this special day is about you and your partner, too. Give yourselves a pat on the back and toast your whirlwind year with a  glass of bubbly or two!

First birthday celebrations are best kept small in scale and summer birthdays don’t even have to be held at home if you’re worried about space.  Keep your party limited to just WEBL-671802-Miffy-Plate-1-Todayclose family and friends – this keeps the organisation and costs down for you and things manageable for your baby. Babies and a lot of fuss and noise don’t really mix! If you’re celebrating in the next few months and the weather holds, you could suggest meeting in a local park where your baby can have lots of room to crawl and play, and you can relax in the sun. Make up some picnic basics and ask your guests to each bring something delicious and portable to eat. You then just need to supply some picnic ware which is light and practical but looks a bit more special than the average plain white stuff. Our Baby Miffy range includes some lovely pieces designed especially with first birthdays in mind and features the enduringly  popular rabbit character that generations of children have grown up with, adding a nostalgic touch to your celebrations. Stock up on essentials such as plates, cups and napkins which combine pretty illustrations with a delicate colour palette of pastel blues, greens and yellows.

You don’t need to go to town on an expensive celebration cake –save that outlay for the birthdays your child will remember! A simple Victoria Sponge, iced with buttercream and adorned with some colourful sprinkles and that all-important number 1 candle is perfect, or WEBL-599516-Baby-Miffy-picks-20-CRyou could make individual cupcakes using the Miffy cake cases. Mix a delicate pastel coloured icing sugar in light blue or yellow to co-ordinate with the colour scheme of the Miffy tableware and top with a cupcake pick, featuring one of Miffy’s animal friends. If you’re celebrating away from home, the co-ordinating Miffy cake stand is perfect – it packs flat so is easy to transport and then assemble when you arrive at your destination.


When it comes to activities, again less is more – your child and their baby friends don’t need extravagant entertainment options! If you’re at home simply opening the toy box will be enough to keep them happy, and if you’re having a picnic taking along an Ikea bag of lightweight, bright things to play with is all you need.  Include things like a ball, some plastic building blocks and some board books. If you have time and you want to do something a little different you could make up some ‘treasure boxes’, collections of items that aren’t strictly toys but which provide a different, sensory experience for your little one. Nature baskets are great if you’re outdoors – make up a collection of shells, pebbles, logs, leaves and other bits and bobs from the natural world and let your baby experience the world around them through sight, touch, and smell. Have a look at parenting website Netmums. com for more ideas for treasure baskets. Remember to bring along plenty of picnic rugs for your little guests to play on.

Babies love balloons, too, so don’t forget to include plenty for them to play with (but do be WEBL-671826-Miffy-Balloons-1-Todaycareful to keep little ones away from broken and unfilled balloons.) Co-ordinate your party with the Baby Miffy 1st birthday balloons which feature the Miffy design and are perfect for playing with and decorating your birthday venue. Make sure you tie your balloons with some coloured strings so your guests can keep their balloons under control, thus avoiding the tears that signal a balloon has flown off into the sky! Include some Miffy bubbles, as well – while your little one might struggle to blow out a successful bubble themselves, they’ll be fascinated as you create ‘magic’ bubbles from your pot.

WEBL-671833-Miffy-Bunting-1-TodayThe Baby Miffy range also includes other items you might like to include in your celebration, such as glass decorations (perfect for adding a flourish to flutes for that must-do champagne toast), bunting (a simple way to decorate indoor and outdoor venues), invitations and thank you cards. If you do decide to celebrate on a grander scale, you can add items such as a guest book to your special day (a lovely way to collect special messages from friends and family) and unusual extras to your party table, such as confetti and scratch cards.

However you celebrate your child’s special day, remember to enjoy it! It’s easy to spend the day running around but it’s your special day, too. So, here’s to you and your baby – well done, you’ve done a great job!

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