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    Winter Wedding Ideas

    Winter Wedding favour ideasIf you’re looking for wedding ideas we’ve some stunning ranges that evoke the special atmosphere of the colder months, a time when the natural world is at its most enchanting and the approaching Christmas festivities make the season feel extra special. It’s a truly magical time of the year and a wonderful period to celebrate your nuptials so if you’re struggling to decide on a date for your big day, we’d encourage you to consider the months later in the year. Certainly summer may provide more venue options – getting married on a beach or having a marquee in the garden isn’t really viable due to the unpredictable weather of the UK! – but if you’re opting for a chic city-based, or a stately venue in the countryside, both options look wonderful against a backdrop of crisp white snow or dappled by pale winter sun.

    A major pro of getting married during the colder months is that the cost is likely to be less, with venue hire and other suppliers generally charging less than they do in the summer. Another benefit is the availability of your guests who are less likely to have booked a holiday during the colder months, plus you may find the availability of venues is better too, meaning there’s more chance of securing a date at your dream location.  Add in the fact that winter weddings perhaps stand out a little more than an event held in the summer (it’s a less busy time for so your special day will be remembered as being a bit different) and there’s a lot to commend holding your celebration at this time of year.

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    Guest Books and Post Boxes

    Wedding Post box Ivory/GoldWhile the dress, the venue and the flowers are usually the main points of interest at your wedding day, the finer details such as guest books and post boxes are an ideal way to create special lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

    While it’s important to try and greet each of your guests personally at some point during your wedding day, with so much else going on you’ll probably only manage to snatch a few words with them. By having a book, guests can put in writing the kind of things that are perhaps a bit difficult to convey when there are lots of other people around.  Yes, it’s a sentimental idea, but one that has been used for weddings for many years as they’re the perfect way to record all those messages of congratulations in one place.  Also in today’s impersonal digital age, there’s something very special about creating a proper, old-fashioned book filled with handwritten messages – we think every wedding should have one!

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    Winter Weddings

    Snowflake Napkin RingsWhilst summer might remain the high season for marriages, more and more couples are choosing a date during the winter months for their special day. Summer might provide warmer weather and perhaps more choice when it comes to venue possibilities, but it can be surprisingly difficult to pin down a date in the summer – venues are often booked up for months ahead and, with many guests jetting off on their holidays during the summer, it can be incredibly difficult to find a day when your key guests can all be available. Aside from the busy Christmas period this season has less of these pitfalls to contend with and key costs such as the hiring of venues may be more affordable. Plus a wedding during the colder months gives you the perfect excuse to jet off somewhere tropical for some well deserved sun after your big day.