Guest Books and Post Boxes

Wedding Post box Ivory/GoldWhile the dress, the venue and the flowers are usually the main points of interest at your wedding day, the finer details such as guest books and post boxes are an ideal way to create special lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

While it’s important to try and greet each of your guests personally at some point during your wedding day, with so much else going on you’ll probably only manage to snatch a few words with them. By having a book, guests can put in writing the kind of things that are perhaps a bit difficult to convey when there are lots of other people around.  Yes, it’s a sentimental idea, but one that has been used for weddings for many years as they’re the perfect way to record all those messages of congratulations in one place.  Also in today’s impersonal digital age, there’s something very special about creating a proper, old-fashioned book filled with handwritten messages – we think every wedding should have one!

Wedding Guest Book White/SilverOf course, it’s important to make sure your guest book isn’t hidden away in a corner where your guests won’t see it. It’s a good idea to place your book near the entrance to your venue, and perhaps ask your Best Man, usher or bridesmaid to encourage each guest to pop a few words down before joining the wedding celebration. If you want the end result to be meaningful rather than a list of names and perfunctory messages of congratulations, you’ll need to include your own personal message on the front cover. Ask them to share their words of wisdom on marriage, or to share their personal memories of you or your other half.

When it comes to choosing the book itself, pick something that co-ordinates with the Wedding Guest Book Plain Whiteoverall feel of your wedding. If you’re looking for something traditional, a simple book in either white and silver or ivory and gold will work well. If you’re looking for something you can personalise, choose something plain without wording – we have several options, including sophisticated white and ivory books that you can add your own unique touches to. Attach a favourite photo to the front or create a montage of special images and mementoes. You could use motifs that feature in other areas of your wedding (on your invitations or tables, for example) and use those to add a unique but cohesive touch to your book. Alternatively, print out a special poem, alongside your names and wedding date, and embellish with craft materials and ribbon – shops such as Hobbycraft have a vast selection of papercraft and scrapbooking materials that are ideal for using in this way.

Ivory Heart Wedding Guest BookIf you’d prefer a ready-made design, take a look at the other books in our range, from the funky, retro-style option in our Just My Type collection to the ivory and white books in the Vintage Romance range, which feature an elegant and timeless heart design on the cover.

If you like this tradition, but are looking to do things a bit differently on your wedding day there are lots of other ways to gather guests’ messages. A post box is a fun option, which might engage your guests a little more than a book. Guest boxes are a bit more private, too, which should encourage your guests to open up their hearts a little more, and write something a tad more inspiring than ‘best wishes’!

Wedding Post BoxAs with a guest book, it’s important to leave your guest box somewhere obvious. Leave a stack of message cards and a pen either next to your box or perhaps on your wedding tables. Three of our wedding ranges – Chic Boutique, Just My Type and Vintage Romance – include post boxes, which come in various colours to blend in with the particular style of your wedding.

As with all things weddings, there are almost limitless ways you can create a special snapshot to remember your guests by. Give your wedding an Instagram hashtag, for example, to get a ready-made album filled with your guests’ funny and unique snaps. You could blow up a picture of you and your new wife/husband that your guests can sign and which you can frame and display in your home to remember your wedding by.  Or how about making a photo book that you can let your guests scribble their messages on? Have a browse on Pinterest for a wealth of other ideas you can adapt for you special day.

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