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    Easter Activities

    Easter ActivitiesIf you’ve been limping through the winter you’ll no doubt be counting down the days until the first spring holiday of the year. With just a few weeks left until Easter, here at Neviti we can’t wait to kick back for a few days and – fingers crossed – enjoy some warm spring sunshine.  This bank holiday is made for venturing outdoors, spending quality family time together and, of course, eating lots of chocolate and other delicious delights!

    If you’re looking for activities to do with your little ones over the break, we have some exciting new craft products, ideal for sparking some creativity in the school holidays. Spend a morning preparing for the egg hunt with some DIY colour in egg baskets, perfect Easter Activities Colour in Buntingfor collecting all those yummy eggs. Made from sturdy white card and illustrated with a selection of spring scenes to colour in, they’re an easy way to get creative and make something a little more unique than a shop-bought basket. The range also includes some colour-in bunting which children can add their own creative touches to. A well as colouring it in, you could customise your bunting with some extra sparkle using glitter or stick on gems…a lovely way to decorate your home this bank holiday weekend.

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    Easter traditions

    Easter offers the perfect opportunity to re-energise after a long winter. Even if you’re not religious, this is a special time of year; the natural world comes back to life, grey skies lift and everything feels fresh and new.  But for many of us the Easter break passes in a frenzied flurry of manic chocolate eating – and not much else! This year, why not make a little more of the Easter break;  get outside and see an ancient Spring tradition brought to life, try a fun Easter activity or turn your hand to something new in the kitchen…

    Here are three Easter traditions to try with your family this season:

    Chocolate eggs

    Easter has long been connected with chocolate. As far back as Pagan times eggs have been associated with spring, with their potent suggestion of new life and fertility. However it wasn’t until many centuries later that eggs in chocolate form become associated with Easter, and the first chocolate Easter eggs were conceived in 19th-century France. Those first chocolate eggs were a real luxury, and far removed from the standard chocolate eggs that populate supermarket shelves today.

    If you’d like to create something with a little more originality than a shop-bought egg, why not try making your own chocolate eggs this year? You can hand-pick your own chocolate, and use products with unusual flavours and higher quality ingredients than those used by the big-name chocolate egg manufacturers.  All you need is a suitable egg mould and decorating tools.  We found a great recipe for cute mini eggs on Scissorspaperspoon.com. Pop your finished eggs in one of our Easter Chick Sweetie tubs, wrap with cellophane and tie with a ribbon – your handmade chocolate will look truly professional, plus it will taste amazing.

    Painted eggs

    The early Christians took to staining eggs red at Eastertime to symbolise the blood of Jesus’ crucifixion. Since that time, the tradition of painting and decorating eggs has endured, with all kinds of elaborate decorating techniques emerging across all corners of the globe.  But you don’t have to be especially creative to make a pretty painted egg, and this is a fun activity for children to try. You can buy special egg painting kits which include helpful stencils, or go freestyle and use the boards on Pinterest to get some creative inspiration. Make an Easter centrepiece using your finished eggs by hanging from some willow branches, inserted into oasis and placed in a plant pot. Or make personalised eggs as gifts. Pop one into an organza bag, add a handful of mini eggs or foil-covered chocolates and attach a name tag – a unique gift, perfect for children to give to grandparents at Easter.

    If you’re not too precious about your egg creations why not follow the age-old tradition of egg rolling, a practice that has taken place across rural Britain for centuries. Find a grassy hill and watch them go – the egg that gets the furthest wins!

    Easter cakes

    Simnel Cake has been eaten at Easter since medieval times. A flavoursome fruit cake, topped with marzipan, it’s recognisable for the eleven marzipan balls that edge the cake. These represent Jesus’ eleven apostles – the twelve apostle is noticeably absent to signify Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. Relatively easy to make, a Simnel cake makes an indulgent addition to your Easter table. Present it on our Easter Chick cake stand, surrounded by a gaggle of cute fluffy chicks.

    Another fruity option to try is the hot cross bun – again, surprisingly easy to make yourself and there are numerous dependable recipes to choose from online.  Traditionally served on Good Friday, enjoy them for breakfast, slathered in butter, or offer them up as afternoon treats, served with fresh jam and a pot of tea.

    For the smaller chefs in your household it will be hard to turn their minds from the temptation of chocolate. If there’s one time to indulge them, Easter is it, so let them whip up a chocolately alternative to the more adult-orientated Simnel cake.  Make Easter nests from chocolate and cornflakes, topped with colourful mini eggs and presented in an Easter Chick cake case. Or how about chocolate biscuits in the shape of chicks or bunnies, topped with icing and a scattering of sprinkles…a fun way for little ones to take part in your Easter preparations.

    For a full range of Easter table ware and accessories, take a look at our Easter Chick Range.

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    Looking ahead to Easter

    While recent weather conditions might make Spring feel a long way off, Easter comes early this year so if you need a distraction from the snow and cold now’s a good time to think about your Easter preparations. Easter Sunday falls on the 31st March and the long weekend offers a great opportunity to get together with friends and family and welcome in the new season.

    If you’ve  got little ones, Easter is inextricably linked to chocolate, of course, so even if you’re not going to town with your celebrations an Easter egg hunt is a bit of a prerequisite. Kids have in incredibly perceptive sixth sense when it comes to tracking down the sweet stuff so be as creative as you can with your hiding places. Whether they forage outdoors or turn the house upside down looking for their booty an egg hunt is a great focal point to any Easter celebration.  We have a cute kit that includes everything you need for your hunt, as well as some added extras in the shape of masks, stickers, crayons and colouring sheets. Or you could give each child a sweetie tub or chick bag to collect their chocolatey haul with.

    Staying with little ones, Easter offers lots of opportunities to get creative at home. Spend a morning whipping up some chocolate cupcakes or rice krispie cakes, decorated with mini eggs and nestled in our colourful themed cupcake cases.  Easter biscuits are another tradition children can try their hand at. These simple, buttery biscuits are delicious and easy to make, and make great gifts if you’re visiting family or friends over the holiday. Try this recipe from parenting website Netmums.com. Wrap in sheets of cellophane (try your local stationery shop or a retailer such as Paperchase), tie with a pretty yellow ribbon or attach one of our gorgeous butterfly luggage tags to secure the package – a lovely homemade gift to offer to your hosts.  For more arty ideas how about creating an Easter bonnet, dyeing eggs or making cute pom-pom Easter chicks.

    If you would like to host an Easter party keep things simple with a buffet-style arrangement people can help themselves too. Our Easter Chick tableware range includes everything you need to make your setting seasonal, such as themed paper plates, napkins and cups. Use our Easter chick cake stand as your centrepiece and pile it high with either your kids’ creations or other Easter treats. Traditionally eaten at Easter time, Simnel Cake is the obvious choice for lovers of rich fruit cakes, but if you’d like to try something lighter do as the Italians do at Easter and serve up slices of light ‘Colomba’ cake – many major supermarkets now stock this deliciously light cake, or try your local Italian deli.

    Little guests can sip their juice from our adorable Easter Chick drinking straws, while adults can keep topped up with a fresh, zesty cocktail, inspired by the flavours of Spring – we love the sound of this minty gin ‘n’ juice cocktail on the BBC website, the appropriately named ‘Spring Smash’.

    The beauty of Easter celebrations lies in their simplicity – opening the back door so the kids can run around outdoors for a while, eating a little more chocolate than is strictly sensible (grown-ups included!) and slowing down a gear for a few days and enjoying the beginnings of those much-anticipated long, sunny days….