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    Vintage Wedding Ideas

    Vintage Wedding Sweetie Bag IdeasWhat do you do if you’re a design-savvy couple who want a smart, uncluttered look for your wedding scheme? Perhaps you hate sugary colours and aren’t fans of hearts, flowers or butterflies – motifs that tend to dominate when it comes to decorative items for your special day. It might seem that finding something a little less fussy and a little bit more utilitarian is an impossible task, so you’ll be pleased to hear that we have a range that’s perfect if you’ve been searching to no avail. ‘Just My Type’ is a collection of accessories and decorations that cleverly combines sleek, simple design with a vintage aesthetic, creating something that has a distinctly retro feel without being fusty or fussy. It uses a bold, retro font-face that typography aficionados will love and a brown paper bag effect – trust us, the effect is more elegant than it sounds! Simple embellishment comes courtesy of a single red heart, making this range perfect for those who like their vintage to be chicly utilitarian rather than shabby chic. This collection has a big dose of style rather than chintz, so while there’s bunting in the range (surely everyone loves a bit of bunting?!) there’s not a floral flag in sight. Bunting makes a great fuss-free way to dress your venue, whether strung around a marquee, used to decorate the new couple’s car or attached to the top table chairs to give the bride and groom’s seating some subtle enhancement.

    Vintage Wedding Tag IdeasThis range has been designed to offer an understated and unobtrusive look, leaving plenty of space for your other accessories to do the talking. Splashes of red and white allow you to have some fun with your floral displays – how about co-ordinating with bold red and white roses or enhancing the retro vibe with jam jars filled with fresh-from-the-meadow wild flowers? Tie your jars with a luggage tag, adorned with red and white string to give even the simplest of displays an extra flourish.  Pop a chocolate square onto each table setting or choose a heart-shaped sweet treat, covered in co-ordinating red foil. A scattering of table confetti adds a sweet but subtle addition without detracting from the timeless elegance of a table set with heavy silver cutlery, sparkling glassware and crisp white table linen.

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    Keeping weddings traditional

    Our buying team has the enviable job of researching and selecting wedding products from all over the world, and one trend that we’ve noticed that never goes away is the traditional, country-style theme. In our increasingly high-tech, fast-paced world, it seems that when it comes to weddings we hanker after the romance of the past and remain entwined in a love affair with all things vintage and retro. Even when we choose to marry in contemporary surroundings – a modern registry office rather than a crumbling village church, for example – traditional themes still hold strong, with many brides opting for country-style flower arrangements and vintage themed décor. When it comes to the all-important wedding dress, classic shapes that have a timeless quality continue to be a more popular choice than contemporary, fashion-led styles. This year fashion insiders predict the traditional will be even more evident in dress choices, as many brides are expected to be influenced by the 1920s silhouett, thanks to the release of the eagerly anticipated film The Great Gatsby. Vintage-style lace and 50s era peplum styles are also expected to be big in 2013.

    We have two gorgeous ranges that work well with the traditional look. Our VintageRomance and Vintage Rose products can be mixed and matched with your other items, as well as other pieces from our product range. We offer rose petals, a pretty addition to your table settings, in wide variety of colours or pink rock sweets that hint at the 1950s and would look lovely popped into traditional-style candy-stripe bags for a different approach to your wedding favours.

    If you’re one of the brides looking to create a traditional theme for your own wedding, there’s no end of inspiration to tap into, which can help you conceptualise flower arrangements, décor and catering. If you are going all-out on the vintage theme a good place to start is by visiting the Vintage Wedding Fair, an annual event that takes place in London each year. The next fair takes place on the 23rd June at Chiswick Town Hall in London – visit http://www.vintageweddingfair.co.uk for more details about this fun event where you can get expert advice on catering, browse over 400 vintage wedding dresses and jewellery, and find out about translating the theme to your hair, make-up and photography.

    If you’re working to a tight budget, a traditional, vintage-themed wedding allows plenty of scope for getting creative without the exorbitant price tag. Vintage is inextricably linked to ‘home-made’ so if you (or someone you know) has a special skill that can be utilised in your wedding preparations, make good use of it! You don’t have to be a sewing whizz to run up some unique fabric bunting for example, which can be crafted from authentic vintage fabric in colourways that compliment your floral arrangements. Speaking of flowers, we love the idea of placing country-style posies in jam-jars tied with a simple length of natural string – simple, pretty and an effective way to keep costs down without compromising on style. For candy-coloured decorations that offer a gorgeous compliment to your shabby-chic bunting, vintage crockery and other traditional touches, we love tissue paper balls. Hung from marquees or ceilings, or attached to bannisters, these delicate paper spheres add a fairy-tale quality to your setting, and can be bought in a range of colours to fit your theme. You can even try making your own if you’re feeling ambitious – take a look on YouTube for online tutorials.

    If you want to blend the traditional with the contemporary our Vintage Romance provides a range of products that are timeless without being strictly vintage in theme. Featuring a sophisticated design in silver and white this range is perfect if you’re looking for something with enduring appeal that won’t look dated when you look back at your wedding photos in years to come!
    For more wedding inspiration take a look at our full site here.

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    Creating your very own love story

    While it could be argued that Valentine’s Day has become a tad over-commercialised in recent years, if there’s a time to show your romantic side, February is the month to do it. But if the slushy shop displays leave you cold and you want to do something a little more original during this most romantic time of the year, we have some ideas in this week’s blog.

    Firstly, keep it personal. While it’s hard to move for heart emblazoned cards and red roses in the shops right now, doing something a little unique to you as a couple is a much more thoughtful gesture than resorting to a shop-bought card or pressie.  How about finding a map image on the internet of the place you first met, where you got married or where you went on your honeymoon? Or it could just be a place that holds a special place in your hearts. Scale your image to size, print it off and then cut a heart shape out and stick onto a piece of card – a simple but effective card for Valentine’s or one to keep in reserve for another significant occasion, such as your anniversary.  Use one of our Vintage Rose wooden pegs and clip a small gift to the card – cinema tickets for two, perhaps, or a voucher for a ‘his ‘n’ hers’ spa treatment, a lovely, indulgent treat sure to be more appreciated than an over-priced bouquet of flowers.  If money’s tight, make DIY ‘love tokens’ or vouchers, inscribed with special treats for your recipient to look forward to, such as breakfast in bed, a walk in the park, a fully body massage…you get the idea!

    Alternatively, how about making up a personalised ‘goody bag’, filled with carefully chosen items your partner will love. These don’t have to be expensive, but it’s important to put some thought into your choices. Our Vintage Rose party bags can be used for this very purpose. Pop in a mini bar of luxury chocolate, for example; take a look at the gorgeous goodies created by artisan chocolatier Rococo for inspiration. You can buy online or in specialist stores and larger retailers such as Waitrose – we love the boxed hand-painted chocolate hearts, which would look lovely nestled in your gift bag. Or how about a tube of the classic Love Hearts for a cheaper alternative.  Add in a piece of jewellery, perhaps, a gorgeously scented soap, and for men something that combines a bit of practicality, like a personalised key ring, or a pair of cufflinks. Take a look at the exhaustive range on Notonthehighstreet.com where you’ll find some great unisex ideas that won’t break the bank.

    If you live by the mantra that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then you won’t go far wrong presenting your loved one with breakfast in bed as a prelude to romance. Make it extra special by cutting toast into heart shapes using a cookie cutter, swapping tea for champagne and adding one of our Vintage Romance lottery ticket holders to your breakfast tray. If cakes are their thing, a batch of pink-frosted cupcakes, encased in our Vintage Rose cases are another simple, romantic gesture.

    Perhaps you’re taking advantage of this time of year to make a special proposal.  Why not create an extra element of surprise by adding your ring to a Valentine’s Day goody bag, in amongst the other bits and bobs? Or pop it into an organza bag, filled with chocolate hearts…a more creative way to present your loved one with their special piece of jewellery.

    Simple but imaginative gestures like these are anything but slushy, so go, on, don’t be shy – do romance your way end enjoy the warm glow that comes from showing your other half that you care…